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North Wales Archery Society Academy

NWAS aims to deliver first class coaching to its members via the academy.


This will be run at designated clubs in North Wales throughout the year.


The main goal of the academy is to take archers to the next level after the beginner’s course and prepare them for competitions.


During your time at the academy you will have the chance to shoot a set round and gain an award for it with an NWAS academy badge, similar to a 252 scheme.


The first academy of 2024 will be held at Wrexham Bowmen.


The dates are

  • 19th May

  • 16th June

  • 28th July

The sessions run from 12pm until 4pm and a small charge of £30 per Senior and £20 for under 18s. This charge covers all 3 sessions.


We hope you all take this wonderful opportunity and get some coaching and meet other NWAS archers!

Use the contact form to enquire.



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